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Full system powerflush in Milton Keynes

We can carry out a full system powerflush subject to a survey of your system, a powerflush can be needed for a variety of reasons, it  can be your radiators are not as you would expect, there are cold spots on the radiators, poor circulation, boiler banging, black sludge found. We use a heat camera to identify problem areas that could be resolved with a powerflush, along with testing for total dissolved solids and also ensuring the correct PH, we use a Kamco powerflushing pump, in conjuction with a magnacleanse flushing filter unit, and using quality chemicals following Kamco and British Standards guidlines ensuring that your system has the best system flush possible for your money, please look at our pictures in the gallery below for tools of the trade and what really goes on, and in our gallery of radiators for success stories in system flushing.


Here is our Kamco Powerflush pump and magnacleanse system in action. We have just completed a system flush where the initial radiator temperatures were around 32c at the top, with no heat at the bottom, some radiators were not working at all, the boiler was cutting in and out, there was no heat in the property and the user had electric fires to boost the heat.

it was crying out for a system flush, After powerflushing, we had 63c with on average a 8c difference between top and bottom, we removed over half a bucket of sludge from the system, this was our most challenging powerflush yet.



kamco powerflush.JPG 2015-1-21-21:13:20
clean mag.jpg
ph meter.jpg
sludged rad
cleaned rad
heavy deposits
cleaned in garden
running fine
not working
much improved