We are Watersafe registered Plumbers, this mean we are local water Authority approved, please feel free to click on the link and check us out. This means we are only allowed to fit WRAS approved water fittings and we must comply with the water regulations fully or face the wrath of the Authorities, where if you employ a non approved installers, and something goes wrong, the repercussions are on you as the owner.

What do we do

  • service, install, replace 

  • Kitchen Taps

  • Basin Taps

  • sink taps

  • Bath Taps

  • dripping taps

  • reseat taps

  • rewasher taps

  • outside taps

  • toilet flush

  • toilet fill valve

  • ball valves

  • water tanks

  • leaking overflow

  • leaking pipes under the sink

  • change a toilet

  • change a basin

  • change a kitchen sink

  • fit a water softener

  • fix a leaking pipe 

  • hot water cylinder

  • New Radiator

  • Leaking Radiator

  • thermostatic radiator valve

  • central heating pump

  • immersion heater

  • Areas covered Dunstable, Luton, St Albans, Berkhamsted, Tring, Hemel Hempstead, Harpenden, Wing, Aylesbury, Herts, Beds,

  • Stuart Turner Approved installers

  • Shower Pumps

  • mains Pressure booster

  • accumulators


        if your job is not on the list just ask,  if we do we will !

 Working with the support from Stuart Turner, as one of their Approved Installers,  we can help with shower problems, mains pressure boosters to give a bit more water pressure when needed, from a simple pump on the main, to a complete unit boosting the main by up to 3.5 bar, please see their website for further information.

We work mainly inside the property on small jobs like changing a tap, fixing washers , replacing a sink , repairing toilet that will not flush or is constantly running, we can fit a water softener, a shower pump, a shower, outside tap . we are happy to fit taps you have supplied providing they are WRAS approved, please click on the link and check it out, its not illegal to buy a non wras approved fitting, but its illegal to fit it to the water main. be warned, there are a lot of great looking taps that do not conform.

We are happy to give a written quote for free for large jobs, and for small jobs up to 2 hours we will give you a guide price,  please just ask.



Small plumbing jobs are our friends, we do as you would expect have a minimum charge time of  30 mins  for what seems to be called a " wont take five mins pop in job, its really simple" so we are told !  We will be happy to advise in advance of all charges  but our minimum starting price in line with the trading standards guide in Dunstable is £45 plus any parts for 30 mins which is more a look to see whats wrong as there's not a great deal can be done in that time.

It will be more if you are further away than Dunstable and travelling is needed , its often more cost effective to have a good look around and put lots of jobs together, as this will work out cheaper.

So if after that you would like us to call, click contact to send us a message 

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