Gas boiler service, Gas Fire service, Plumbing and Central heating repairs inc leaking cylinders, leaking Tank and radiators in Berkhamsted and Tring and surrounding areas   

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Gas Boiler Service
Gas Boiler Service in Tring & Berkhamsted

Boiler servicing is an important part of maintaining your boilers efficiency and operation, by taking the boiler apart and inspecting inside , component failure can be identified and corrected before damage occurs that will result in a complete change of the appliance.

We service old and new, Back Boiler and fire units, heat only boilers and combi boilers in Berkhamsted and tring area.

There are many different boiler manufacturers each with their own peculiar needs, it is important that the manufacturers instructions are followed to prevent failure and also loss of warranty, with warranties playing a large part in the sale of a boiler, by maintaining and being compliant with the terms and conditions of the warranty , any issues are covered under the boiler  warranty by the manufacturers giving you peace of mind.

We service most brands including Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi , Potterton, Atag.

We are approved installers for Viessmann and Baxi , we are former Worcester Accredited installers.

As a guide we follow the which? Service guide unless the manufacturers tell us otherwise,

The service will take around 45 mins, Back Boiler units with a fire are longer, during which time we will check the boiler , its operation, any small issues you may have, if not simple then a quote will be given, we will clean out the filter if easily accessible without climbing and the valves  turn off , spare parts may be needed for this that are not included in the price.

You will be left with a service sheet and an invoice that are sent via email immediately as a PDF

Q & A

  • Why Service a new boiler its only a year old?

  • To ensure that it is running correctly, and the burn is correct, if there is a problem it can be easily resolved at this stage.

  • MY friend said you only put a probe in and leave ?

  • That would be someone carrying out a safety check, insurance companies use this method to test the safe operation of the boiler , it is not a service as per the manufacturer’s instructions but a safety check only, it may also be done on a Landlord gas safety inspection when the service is done at a different time to the inspection.

  • The cost is too high I will save my money ,

  • The cost is less money than a dinner for two with wine, the boiler runs 24/7/365 and if you read your insurance policy it is your duty to maintain the appliances, good luck if it all goes wrong.

  • Our engineers are gas safe registered,  undergo re training every five years, product update training every year, and are fully insured. This all costs time and money .

Gas Fire service
 Gas fire service in Tring & Berkhamsted

We service most makes of gas fires if the instructions are available or we can obtain them, a gas fire service is crucial for the ongoing safety of the appliance, we clean out the fire as required and carry out flue / chimney safety checks as part of the work, all fires are different, we often hear well I don’t use it much, well in our experience if you're not using it then the spiders and birds are !

This leads to a partially blocked flue and fumes in the room, yes your carbon monoxide detector is a great tool for detecting this, but not as good as an inspection and operational test.

But I have a flueless gas fire ? the biggest part of this service is checking the fumes in the room, that’s correct, all the fumes from this fire come into the room, that’s why you have a big air vent in the corner, its crucial the catalytic convertor in the fire is working, you cannot tell by looking at it,

  • A fire service usually consists of

  • Protecting the area around the fire

  • Removing trims

  • Removing coals

  • Removing burner

  • Inspecting the opening behind the fire

  • Inspecting the flue

  • Smoke test

  • Re assemble fire

  • Check gas pressures

  • Check operation


A fire service will take 45 – 60 mins


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Showers and shower pumps in Tring & Berkhamsted

If your shower is not performing as you would expect, we cover showers and shower pumps in the Berkhamsted an Tring area specialising in Stuart Turner equipment.

dripping Kitchen tap
 Plumbing Service in Tring & Berkhamsted

From something as small as a dripping tap or a shower pump to a full blown central heating installation we can help, with calls for very small jobs starting from £55, we really do try to be there for you, whether its a leaking pipe, a new hot water cylinder, a radiator valve , central heating pump, we re qualified plumbers to fix it in Tring and Berkhamsted.